Members and research interests

Jacquelien Scherpen

model order reduction for control, nonlinear control systems, first principle modeling and control, structure preserving spatial discretization and order reduction methods, interconnected networks, distributed control for balancing the power grid, smart grids, mechanical, electrical and electro-mechanical systems

Claudio de Persis

nonlinear control systems, quantized control, hybrid systems, cooperative control, control under communications constraints, time-delay systems, distribution networks, fault detection, switched systems

Kanat Camlibel

nonlinear control systems, quantized control, hybrid systems, cooperative control, control under communications constraints, time-delay systems, distribution networks, fault detection, switched systems

Ming Cao

multi-agent systems, coordination and cooperative control, human/robot interaction dynamics, distributed decision making, sensor networks, robotic teams, electric power grids, complex systems and networks, switched systems, algebraic graph theory.

Bayu Jayawardhana

analysis and control design for nonlinear systems: dissipative systems, systems with hysteresis and quantization, biochemical reaction networks, systems biology, mechatronics.

Bart Besselink

system theory for nonlinear systems and large-scale interconnected systems, model reduction, applications in intelligent transportation systems, in particular on control and coordination of heavy-duty vehicle platoons

Stephan Trenn

differential-algebraic equations, switched systems, observer design, funnel control, modeling of power grids

Nima Monshizadeh

model reduction, multi-agent systems, complex networks, switched systems, control configuration selection

Dario Bauso

optimization, optimal and distributed control, game theory

Ashish Cherukuri

multi-agent systems, distributed algorithms, networked cyber-physical systems, game theory, optimization under uncertainty

Juan Peypouquet

functional, variational and convex analysis; complexity and acceleration of first-order optimization algorithms; ordinary differential equations and inclusions; effects of geometry on the convergence of processes in continuous and discrete time; applications of optimization, operations research and machine learning in images, mining and healthcare management.

Henk van Waarde

data-driven modelling and control, system identification and identifiability, kernel methods, networks of dynamical systems, neuronal dynamics, robust and optimal control

Saeed Ahmed

Foto Saeed Ahmed

feedback optimization with application to energy systems, dissipativity theory, observer design, nonlinear control, Lyapunov methods, input-to-state stability, time delay systems, hybrid (switched and impulsive) systems

Michele Cucuzzella

Nonlinear control, energy/power based control design, variable structure control, distributed control, feedback optimization, consensus protocols, complex networks, systems integration, smart systems, energy systems, power networks, district heating networks, traffic networks

phd-students and postdocs

Please check the individual group’s websites (DTPASMSODSSCO) for a current list of PhD-students and postdocs.

former members / professor emeritus

Ruth Curtain

 a portrait of Prof. dr. Ruth Curtain was painted. Prof. Curtain worked in the mathematics department from 1977 to her retirement in 2006. She still has a homepage at the university, Even though the gender balance in our institute can still be improved, she lived in a time where she was the only female in a male-dominated world. I hope that her portrait will find a nice spot in the Senate room in the Academy Building.

Jan C. Willems

Arjan van der Schaft

mathematical systems theory, nonlinear systems and control, geometric network modeling of physical systems, network dynamics, hybrid systems theory, geometric mechanics and robotics, control of distributed-parameter physical systems, systems biology

Harry Trentelman

linear systems, model/controller reduction, network analysis and control, reduced order modeling, simultaneous balancing, structure preserving model reduction, switched systems, synchronization, model reduction of networks, the behavioral approach, robust control, H-infinity control, linear quadratic optimal control, Riccati equations, dissipative systems, multi-dimensional systems