ECC 2024 pre-conference workshop

Bart Besselink is co-organizing  the pre-conference workshop on “Modular Approaches for Design and Verification in Autonomous Driving” at the European Control Conference ECC (25-28 June, 2024) in Stockholm.

The main goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from academia and industry to discuss the challenges in autonomous system design, share recent developments in component-based methodologies for design and verification, and exchange ideas on topics including system engineering, (software) verification, and modularity. Aiming to strengthen the connections between industry and academia, the workshop includes speakers from both industry and academia and will be closed with a panel discussion. The workshop will be accessible for interested ECC participants and does not assume prior expert knowledge.

Online seminar on Distributed Parameter Systems (DPS)

 Jean Auriol (CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay, France), Federico Bribiesca (Université de Lyon, INSA Lyon, Laboratoire Ampére, France.), Rafael Vazquez (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain) organize an online seminar on DPSs. The first talk will be given today by Miroslav Krstic (University of California, San Diego). For future talks see the DPS Online Seminar website.