Groningen-Lyon seminar series : Carlo Cenedese


Title: Highway Traffic Control via Smart e-Mobility

14:00 - 15:00

Online (please contact the organizer Bayu Jayawardhana to receive login details)

Title:  Highway Traffic Control via Smart e-Mobility

Abstract:  In this work, we study how to alleviate highway traffic congestion by encouraging plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles to stop at a charging station around peak congestion time. Specifically, we design a pricing policy to make the charging price dynamic and dependent on the traffic congestion, predicted via the cell transmission model, and the availability of charging spots. Furthermore, we develop a novel framework to model how this policy affects the drivers' decisions by formulating a mixed integer potential game. Technically, we introduce the concept of "road-to-station (r2s) and "station-to-road" (s2r) flows and show that the selfish actions of the drivers converge to charging schedules that are individually optimal in the sense of Nash. Then, we validate the proposed strategy on a simulated highway stretch between The Hague and Rotterdam, in The Netherlands, and carefully analyze how the parameters involved influence the decision-making process.

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