Groningen-Lyon seminar series : Mark Jeeninga


Title: DC Power flow feasibility for constant-power loads

14:00 - 15:00

Online (please contact the organizer Bayu Jayawardhana to receive login details)

Title: DC Power flow feasibility for constant-power loads
Abstract: The problem of power flow feasibility for power grids is a classical problem within the power systems literature. The problem asks under which conditions there exists an equilibrium (operating point) of a power grid such that power demands at the loads in the grid can be met. If no equilibria exist, unwanted behavior such as voltage drop can occur, which can lead to blackouts. Conversely, there may exist multiple of these operating points, and one is to select an operating point which has "desirable" properties. To illustrate, it is desirable that an operating point is stable, but also that it minimizes the dissipation in the lines. The relationship between operating points described by such properties is a priori not clear.

In this talk we discuss the problem of power flow feasibility for DC power grids with constant-power loads. For such power grids we give necessary and sufficient conditions for the power flow feasibility problem. If the problem is feasible, we present an explicit method to compute the unique stable operating point. In addition, we characterize the relationship between the desirable properties of operating points. Furthermore we show how these results extend the existing literature.

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