Groningen-Lyon seminar series: Prof. Arjan van der Schaft


Title: Algebraic constraints in port-Hamiltonian systems

14:00 - 15:00

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Title: Algebraic constraints in port-Hamiltonian systems

Abstract: Algebraic constraints are ubiquitous in the modeling of complex engineering systems. From a port-based modeling perspective they are encapsulated in the Dirac structure of the port-Hamiltonian formulation. Another way of representing algebraic constraints is by replacing the expression of energy in terms of a Hamiltonian function by a general Lagrangian subspace. I will recall how both types of algebraic constraints can be combined, and how one may convert one type of algebraic constraints into the other; basically by the introduction of Lagrange multipliers. This will be first discussed for linear finite-dimensional port-Hamiltonian systems, and subsequently extended to the nonlinear case. Finally, I will indicate how these ideas can be extended to boundary control port-Hamiltonian systems on a 1-dimensional spatial domain.

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