Groningen-Lyon seminar: Tanguy Simon


14:00 - 15:00

Online (please contact the organizer Bayu Jayawardhana to receive login details)

Title : Control of a Power Flow Controller for Meshed DC Micro-grids
Abstract : DC micro-grids are a type of electrical distribution network tailored for small intermittent renewable generation units. The meshed structure is particularly well suited for this application, more resilient, modular and efficient. However, a meshed grid requires a Power Flow Controller (PFC).

PFCs are power electronics converters designed to control the electrical power in the different lines connected to a node of the grid. The overall system (PFC + grid) is modeled as an uncertain bilinear system with a polynomial output.

In this presentation, we will present the global problem associated to the control of a PFC, the modelling of the system and the design of a nonlinear robust controller achieving global output set-point tracking.

PhD work supervised by Jean-François Trégouët, Hervé Morel and Xuefang Lin-Shi. Joint work with Mattia Giaccagli, Vincent Andrieu and Daniele Astolfi.

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