SCO colloquium: Arjan van der Schaft


16:00 - 17:00

5161.0041b (Bernoulliborg)

Title: On the legacy of Jan Willems (talk given before for the Control History Forum, CSS Day, October 2022)
Abstract: The list of scientific contributions of Jan Willems spans a whole range of topics, including (input-output) stability theory, dissipativity theory, linear geometric control theory, identification, the behavioral approach to systems and control, physical systems theory, open stochastic systems, .. ; see the website for much more information. In this talk I will focus on two of these topics: dissipativity theory, and the behavioral approach to systems and control. Discussion of the first topic will be partly based on:
Introduction by Arjan van der Schaft to Jan C. Willems’, “Dissipative Dynamical Systems,
Part I: General Theory, 50 Years of Dissipativity Theory, IEEE Control Systems Magazine 42 (2), 46-50, 2022,
Part II: Linear Systems With Quadratic Supply Rates, IEEE Control Systems Magazine 42 (3), 32-35, 2022.

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