SCO colloquium: Brayan Shali


16:00 - 17:00


Title: Assume-guarantee contracts using simulation
Abstract: Contracts can be used to express specifications for dynamical systems. They provide an alternative to common methods for expressing specifications in control, such as dissipativity and set-invariance. In this talk, we will discuss some preliminary work on assume-guarantee contracts similar to the ones introduced in [1]. In contrast to [1], where systems are compared using behaviours, we will compare systems using the notion of simulation. We will define contracts and contract implementation for a certain class of linear dynamical systems. Thereafter, we will provide necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of an implementation, discuss the interpretation of these conditions and whether they can be verified systematically. We will also look into the problem of designing a controller that converts a given system into an implementation of a given contract.
[1] B. M. Shali, A. J. van der Schaft, and B. Besselink, “Behavioural assume-guarantee contracts for linear dynamical systems,” in IEEE Proceedings of the Conference on Decision and Control, 2021.
The colloquium will take place online in Google Meet. You can email the organizer for a link to the meeting.

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