SCO colloquium: Kanat Camlibel


16:00 - 17:00

5161.0134 (Bernoulliborg)

Title: Scalable controllability analysis of structured systems
Abstract: This talk deals with strong structural controllability of structured networks. A structured network is a family of structured systems (called node systems) that are interconnected by means of a structured interconnection law. The node systems and their structured interconnection law are given by pattern matrices. We will show that a structured network is strongly structurally controllable if and only if an associated structured system is. This structured system will in general have a very large state space dimension, and therefore existing tests for verifying strong structural controllability are not tractable. The results we present circumvent this problem. We show that controllability can be tested by replacing the original network by a new network in which all original node systems have been replaced by (auxiliary) node systems with state space dimensions either 1 or 2. Hence, controllability of the original network can be verified by testing controllability of a structured system with state space dimension at most twice the number of node systems, regardless of the state space dimensions of the original node systems.

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