SCO colloquium: Magnus Axelson-Fisk


16:00 - 17:00

5173.0055 (Linnaeusborg)

Title: Scalability and robustness in interconnected systems/Multi-Agent Systems

Abstract: A lot of work on interconnected or large-scale systems focus on ensuring stability, a non-trivial task when system scale and complexity grows. However, robustness towards external disturbance has often been left open, though this is crucial to prevent cascaded failures. For fixed size systems this may be guaranteed.

In our work we aim to find conditions which ensure robustness in networks of systems, regardless of system scale, connectivity or structure. In this talk I will present our work regarding robust and scalable analysis and controller design for linear systems, with single integrator, SISO and MIMO dynamics, and our outlook on expanding this to non-linear systems.

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