SCO colloquium: Tom Steentjes


16:00 - 17:00

5161.0289 (Bernoulliborg)

Title: On data informativity: distributed control with performance guarantees and noisy data with cross-covariance bounds
Abstract: Informativity is an important concept in data-driven control and identification of interconnected systems. The concept of informativity allows the use of data that is not necessarily persistently exciting of a sufficient order for identification, but is informative enough for, e.g., stabilization or performance-oriented controller synthesis. Conditions for informativity for linear systems with exact data and disturbed data with quadratic noise bounds have been studied in the literature. In this presentation we study informativity of data from interconnected systems for the synthesis of stabilizing distributed controllers with a guaranteed H-infinity performance. The presented approach enables scalable analysis and control of large-scale interconnected systems from noisy input-state data. Alternative to data with quadratic noise bounds, we further investigate informativity with a different prior knowledge on the noise in the form of ellipsoidal and polyhedral cross-covariance bounds. We provide informativity conditions for input-output and input-state data with cross-covariance noise bounds for stabilization and H-2/H-infinity control. Simulation experiments show that the considered noise characterization can reduce conservatism in the informativity analysis.

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